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About Terry's Fight 

Terry's ER Visit
Terry Pre-Bronchoscopy
Her amazing spirit
Recovering in the ICU



In 2008, Terry began experiencing subtle health issues that limited her ability to live an active life. Then in 2013, she was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She was recently listed for transplant on February 3rd. Doctors say a double-lung transplant is essential to her survival. With 18% lung function remaining, she relies on an oxygen tank for every breath.


COPD is a condition that effects her lungs' ability to efficiently transfer carbon dioxide out of her body and oxygen into her body.  As a result, even the smallest tasks make it hard for her to breath. Things like long conversations, pollen in the air, laughing, showering, and even walking from her room to the living room make breathing extremely difficult.  Currently,  Terry needs to be on a machine a couple times a day that helps force air into her lungs in order to give her muscles a break so that she can continue to breathe on a daily basis.  It's an extremely deabilitating disease with far reaching impacts.


During this trying time, Terry has heavily relied on the unwavering support of her loved ones. Before receiving her official diagnosis, she was too ill to work, and she moved in with her son, Gabriel. When it became too difficult to climb the stairs to his apartment, her daughter, Stacy, and son-in-law, Ryan, welcomed Terry into their home. She is extremely grateful for the sacrifices they have made to ensure that she receives the best possible care. 


On good days Terry is able to walk 20 feet using portable tanks before losing her breath, and her children are able to bring her along to some activities using a wheel chair. Because her day to day ability to walk and move around is limited, she finds joy in the simple things. Because of her severe limitations Terry has gained a new appreciation of what life might be like after the transplant. She dreams of once again becoming an active member of the community, giving love another chance, living on her own, enjoying fitness, and living long enough to see her kids have her grandchildren. She has a long list of after transplant goals!



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