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Here's To Second Chances 

After Terry's fight with cancer her lungs began to be severely impacted by

the radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Over many years, her lung 

function declined.  She eventually, had to medically retire from being a records

manager.  A job she loved with a great group of co-workers.  

After she stopped working, she was unable to afford heath insurance.  Her

prior cancer fight classified her as having a "pre-existing condition" and drove

up insurance prices to unaffordable levels.  If she was even accepted by an

insurance plan, which in many cases, she was not.  

When her condition got so bad she had a hard time performing daily activities,

she applied to Harborview Medical Center to receive care under their "Mission

of Caring" program.  Commonly referred to as charity care.   Thankfully, they 

accepted her under their program and she was able to meet with doctors to 

help diagnose her condition.  She also received life extending medications

and oxygen to allow her to move around again.  Without this program, she 

would have been in catastrophic shape and slowly suffocated.  

Through this memorial site, we can help give back to the program that gave

her so much.  It helps provide people with a second chance at getting 


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